How to add multiple attributes


This is probably easy, but I am confused on how to setup products so that I can add multiple attributes. For example I may have a group of motors that will have different RPM speeds, different voltage or wattage etc. I was able to get my product class setup and created a product object, and a product attribute object, but I cannot see how to tie the two together. On my catalog I setup to have main product info tab such as model, description, etc, then a separate tab to enter attributes. I tried to do it as a table, but it doesn’t seem to tie back to product. I just need to be pointed in the correct direction. I have thousands of files to import that have this information. I would like the Item_Number to be what I would call the “primary key”. The attributes would have the primary key, the attribute name, and the attribute value in a list that ties to the main product, like how a db works. Thank in advance for any help.


take a look at Object Bricks, Classification Store and Field Collections. Those might sort your problem


Thank you for the help!
Perhaps I should explain what I am trying to do. I have two csv files, one with general common product information that all products have. The second csv is a list of product attributes, such as motor speed, dimensions, etc. Both files have the identifier as “Item_Number”. Essentially these would be considered two tables from a database. I will be importing these sheets into Pimcore. I will also be manually entering in products and attributes. Ideally I would import what I have, open a product, I would see the attributes that were imported and I could also add more if I wanted. I do not believe I want field collection as this is a fixed list, and the brick looks like I can only add one to a product. The only other way I have figured it by using a table, but I do not know if that is the best design or how I would go about importing and matching my data up. Any help would be appreciated.