How to configure Advance Many to Many Object Relations Select type metadata

Trying out Advance Many-to-Many Object Relations’ Select data-type for metadata column.
Struggling to understand how to configure it to work, e.g.

  1. How to configure “Select” data type column to display list of values in Drop-down selection box?

  2. What is the function of “Value” column setting? Even when I set a value with “default-value”, when I add a new relation to the Object, the metadata does not get auto-populated with “default value”.

  3. Also, what is the function of “Allow Multiple Assignments” settings?
    <== figured this out… It allows adding relationship to same target object multiple times assigning different metadata.

  4. After making some changes to the metadata column and reload a same Object record to test, I can no longer add Object relations to the field, it now display “No Collections allowed”. I have to delete the Advance Many-to-Many Relations field and recreate the field to resolve the problem. In Production environment this would have been detrimental.

I could replicate the above on too.
Appreciate your help.

Hi @weichee76

  • For adding select type metadata separate values with semi-colon( ; ) , in your case Role1;Role2

  • Value is used for configuring the select and multi-select types, I think name is bit confusing it can be named as configuration.

  • And Yes, if ‘Allow Multiple Assignments’ is checked , then you can assign same object multiple times with different or same metadata.

  • In your class definition ‘Allowed class’ is not selected therefore the message ‘No Collections allowed’ is displayed.

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Thanks so much!! Didn’t realise when I change the settings for Metadata, the Class settings got nullified.

I am using same, How to select “Role1” default.