How to Create Quote Objects and Workflow



I’m new to pimcore and I’m in the process of creating a proof of concept for a client

I need to be able to create a quote from the web front end, but also from the pimcore backend

A quote is essentially an order but there is no checkout or payment required. A quote completed via the web front end would trigger a workflow in Pimcore so that the sales team can then apply discounts (manually depending on customer and other non automatable factors).

Each quote would then go through workflow stages including sending the finalised and possibly discounted quote to the user, and then the manufacturing workflow will begin should the user then confirm the order (again, the confirmation of order is manual)

Can I edit / extend the out-of-box order management Pimcore features to produce the quote objects i need, or should i start from scratch with custom objects and workflows?

Any advice here would be most welcome


Hi all

Any advice here would be much appreciated