How to extend / override Pimcore ECommerce Back Office


I have built my fir E-Commerce using EcommerceFrameworkBundle realising that there are quite a few common e-commerce related functionalities missing in Backend Office, like ability to change order state for example.

I am now trying to extend this Backend Office, first by modifying the templates provided in bundle. I have followed instructions at so I have copied templated from bundle to app/Resources/EcommerceFrameworkBundle/views but copied templates are not loading (still original bundle templates are being loaded).

Is there a way to just extend existing Backend Office or should I just create new one in AppBundle?

If I create backend from scratch, then how do I link it from Ecommerce icon from admin?

What I ended up doing was extending AdminOrderController from bundle and then overriding routes so my own controller in AppBundle loads. Then I copied all /admin_order templates directly to app/Resources/views/admin_order and modified them.

It would be nice, though, if Pimcore came with better Back Office for ECommerce, current one seriously lacks features (specially the ability to change order status)…