How to get duplicate record inside the duplicate customer page

Hi ,

i am facing some issue while displaying the duplicate customer record inside the customer duplicate view page.
the customer duplicate field validation are working fine . according to the demo the duplicate customer are visible in customer duplicate view page. but in my case the records are not visible.

Can you please guide me which file i need to change and what process i need to fallow.

How did you configure your duplicate service?

Records will appear inside the customer duplicates view page after executing following command from the terminal
php bin/console cmf:duplicates-index -c
Make sure that you have configured duplicate indexes

thanks for your support.
can you give some idea about the automated way of merging customer .now we are comparing one to one field manually. give me some idea how we are doing this process Automatically.
I found some error while merging the customer.

i am sharing you the screenshot of that error.

please give me some suggestion to solve this problem.

Are you using mysql or mariadb?
I got the error a long time back when i was using mysql earlier…


i am using maria DB.right now

we are installing maria db in our local system. when i am doing some activity in UI part the data is storing in mysql databse.

can you suggest me how you are integrating the maria db in pimcore application
can you share some steps or some document with us.