How to import xml with Import Definitions


We already import several csv data with Import Definitions, but I am not able to get xml import working.

Here is an example of the xml data I want to import:

I tried to setup like this:

But I receive this error all the time because no fields can be found:

What am I doing wrong?

Did you set mapping (from XML fields to pimcore fields)?

That’s not possible because the mapping tab is empty because the plugin don’t know what to map.

Try set “ExampleXPath” to the “/products/product” and save.

This gives the same result (error above).

Maybe example file is wrong. The best way is add XML file to assets then drag and drop it to field “Example file”.

What a great tip. This did the job :). The error is gone and I can access the mapping tab again to map the fields.

Thanks for your help!