How to link a action from a controller in Backend ui

Hi folks,

i have to manage some objects from the backend ui. This is the first contact with the backend ui and ExtJs. So first i created a bundle “SubscriptionManagementBundle” and added a Custom Navigation in the startup.js like in the documentation. Got a SubscriptionController in the bundle, in these case with a listAction. In the routing.yml i got this:

resource: “@SubscriptionManagementBundle/Controller/”
type: annotation
prefix: /admin/subscriptionmanagement

path: /list
defaults: { _controller: SubscriptionManagementBundle:Subscription:list }

I am studying the customer-management-framework-bundle for a while, but its kind of unclear to me as a beginner. I will check it now again…

How does the routing work, how do I link the controller and actions in the startup.js menu?

Does anyone have a short explanation, an approach or a link for a description of how to use a bundle in the backend, that would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance