How to organize classes in folders



I’m new to Pimcore and I can’t find the option to organize classes in folders as is done in the demo.
The only thing I can do is add it to the existing folder (in this case ‘blog’)


How can I create class folders?




You can put your object classes into folders by defining the Group option inside the general settings of a class.


Hi Aaron,

Thanx for the quick reply.

It works!



It’s depending on the class name. All classes (in your example) with the name “productX” will automatically be grouped in a “product” folder. Try it by adding a additional class (f.e. “productBrand”) and it’ll be grouped.

@aarongerig thanks! That was also new for me :slight_smile:


@Graveworm3er Thanx! Aha, that’s the trick :wink: