How to setup my Pimcore site with Azure Blob Storage?

Hey guys, I would like to setup my Pimcore site with Azure Blob Storage to host the assets of my site.

The official Pimcore documentation only recommends Amazon AWS S3 to do so, so I can not found the way to achieve my goal.

Have you any suggestions on this? Everything is really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

@mgomse maybe you have experience on this?

Hello @nicomatute

Unfortunately from my side no experience with Azure Blob Storage :frowning:

thank you anyway, man.

i just read the article but i need to configure it on Azure Blob Storage.

Thank you anyway. @dpfaffenbauer

@nicomatute the concept is the same also for Azure:

So basically use the tutorial of S3 and replace s3:/ with azure:/

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Hey @brusch, I’ll be working on it and let you know.

thanks for the suggestion, man!

hey , are you able to implement azure blob storage streamwrapper with pimcore if yes please share reference URLs or documentation as i need to implement the same.