How To use 2-Factor-Auth?

I would like to use the integrated 2-Factor-Authenfication but don’t get it to work.

First try:
pimcore 5.8.4
AlepLdapBundle installed
I went to my user settings of my admin user, pressed the 2-factor button, scaned the qr code with my google authenticator app and clicked the reload button
Result: admin window reloads but nothing where I can enter my number code. I still can logout and login with my username and password

Second try:
created a second admin user with username and password
logged in with the new user, pressed the 2 factor button but no qr code is shown up so stopped here.

Could anyone give me a hint how I have to configure the 2-factor auth? Does it only work without ldap?
Does anyone have an example how I can use this scheb/two-factor-bundle within my dachcom/members bundle?

Thank you for your help
Kind regards

seems to be broken at the moment.
Can you create an issue or even better create an PR for fixing it?



Hi Christian,
Thank you for your reply. Yes I created an issue, unfortunately I (still) not know why this error happens.