Implement SB Admin 2 theme from

I am trying to implement the SB Admin 2 theme from The problem is when I copy the contents of index.html into the default.html.php, save it and refresh the home page on pimcore Admin panel, I dont see the nice Dashboard that comes with the bootstrap theme, but I see separated html elements.
When I open index.html from the theme directly in the Browser, everything works just fine and I see the nice Dashboard! Please help me resolve this issue as I am new to the Pimcore development.

I found the right way to do it now. The problem was that I was familiar with Pimcore 4 and there the way CSS and Javascripts were interpreted by Pimcore was straight forward, there was no additional change required (whatever is in the html code, the same is rendered).
But the way CSS and Javascripts are used with the new Twig Engine in Pimcore 6.3.* is little different. I found that using the syntax {{ asset('path/to/asset') }} around each of the static css and js scripts inside the html code and also that the static files should be placed under web/static in the project directory.

Everything works just fine now!

@swroop14 I hope you don’t mind me asking, does that mean you replaced the default look & feel of Pimcore 6.x Admin (black, purple, green and grey) with SB Admin 2 theme?