Import into external image data component with Data Definitions import


Does anyone know how to import into the external image data component with Data Definitions Import?

Url field keeps empty and importjob gives no errors.

No one knows this?

Help would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

I dont think that will work out of the box. An external image field expects its value to be an instance of Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data\ExternalImage but you are passing a string (the url). You will need a custom interpreter to create the ExternalImage for you.

@caupo-roy thanks for your reply.

There is hardly any documentation or information on the internet how to make this. It would be nice if someone can provide an example (also for other people).

Is this possible?

External images I imported with interpreters: assets_url (for ARRAY data) and asset_url (for only one image). Image must be as for example In interpreter asset_url you set only “Asset save path” (drag and drop folder from tab Assets). That’s all, for me works.

@judip I don’t want to import these images. There is a data component External Image and I want to import the URL of the external image into this field.

With your solution you import every image within the feed into PimCore.

Does anyone have a working interpreter for this?


Still no one got this working?

Create an Interpreter that creates the ExternalImage Type, somethine like:

return new ExternalImage($value);

@dpfaffenbauer I don’t know how to create an interpreter as many others don’t know.

There is no information or a guide how to do this and I am not a Pimcore/Symphony developer.

Besides this wouldn’t it be nice to add this to the core of Data Definitions? The same with importing images into image gallery that’s not supported out of the box at the moment.

I think this should help alot of other people who don’t have the knowledge how to do this.

@Hbitvof I understand your concerns, but Pimcore requires a certain level of knowledge re symfony/pimcore.

I am always happy to merge a pull request for these kind of things, but I don’t have the time to develop for free on community requests.