Import multiple relations with Data Definitions extension


how can I import or export multiple object relationships using the import definition extension?

I’ve already tried a combination of interator and object resolver interpreter. When exporting I only get “Array” as a result and the import runs on an error message ( InvalidArgumentException: IteratorInterpreter can only be used with array values in /var/www/pimcore/vendor/webmozart/assert/src/Assert.php:2042).

Does anyone know how to properly configure the import and how shoud the csv file look for the import? Another solution that does not use the import definition extension would be fine too.
Thanks for help!

What kind of Export? CSV / Excel? For these you have to use a combination of object and expression (implode(';', value))

Yes, CSV. Is there a way for import too? @dpfaffenbauer

I already tried with multihref but i always get this error message:
interpreterConfig: This form should not contain extra fields.

With iterator interpreter it isnt working too (see above).

I found a solution. You can import it like this:

Interpreter: nested
Setter: relation

Interpreter Settings:

  1. expresion: explode(’,’, value)
  2. Iterator: nested
    a. Expresion: trim(value)
    b. object_resolver

This is working for me. Thanks for your hint with the expression interpreter!