Import product with variation


Hi, I’m new with Pimcore and I want to import a data base of products. This products aren’t simple but variant for example a hat contains many colors green, white … How should I edit my csv file so that the PIM display it like this: Capture
And how should I configure my resolver settings?
Could you please help !!



try this plugin:

it does imports and exports and could solve your issue.



Thanks a lot, I will try it and share the results


Hi, Installed the plugin and unfortunately I didn’t know how to use it, I tried to find the answer but still without answer, Could you please walk me through the steps of this form


Ok, so:

Name: is the name of the import-definition
Provider: The type of input data
Loader: Is how you get if there is already a data-object for the current import-row. the default is primary-key which uses one field from the csv and identifies the data-object by that.
Class: Pimcore Data Object class
Path: The path where the object should be in the object-tree. You can use placeholders here as well: Like /products/%Text(category);/%Text(subcategory); where category and subcategory are fields within the CSV
Key: The key (name) for the data-object, you can also use Placeholders here
Cleaner: Import Definitions logs the last imported object and you can use that information to either: Delete, unpublish or dome something with records that don’t come from the import-source anymore
Filter: Create a service and filter certain rows from the import-source
Runner: A Service that will be called for each row in the data-source.
Relocate Objects: Define if an existing object should be moved if the path information changes
Rename Objects: Define if an existing object should be renamed if the key information changes

The rest should be clear.