Import product with variation

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@dpfaffenbauer When I am trying too Import I am getting this error
Error: Call to undefined static method getByKey in class DataObject\Concrete
Is there anything that I miss in my configuration


can you paste the content from var/config/importdefinitions.php here?

Hi @dpfaffenbauer

Can this plugin help me to import this format of data from csv.


1st, Importer will filter column with the same title or product ID, then create parent object.
2nd, All rows with the same title or product ID, will filter the the column of size then create new variants for sizes,
3rd, Filter also the color column, and generate color variants under the sizes,
Lastly, Images link will be imported as well.

Do you guys have any recommendations or solution on how to deal with this.

Sorry for having a lot of queries. I know you’re an expert. Thanks in advance!

yes I did it 3 level of hierarchy using this steps
1 add column parent SKU or (any unique between parent and variations ) in excel
2 create new runner
3 In this runner if parent field is not empty and parent is object then set parent and set type as variant
4 For level 3 You have to find variant object using this parent column and then set parent and set type as variant

Thank you Sir, Big help!

I’m still in the process of installation, having lots of errors, I’m using 6.3.3 version of Pimcore. Do you think that make sense?

@Eich1993 install pimcore first correctly to install the plugin, you are missing the parameters.yml. check symfony docs for that pls

Thank you Sir.
Creating a new one.