Importing IPTC metadata from photos, generating tags?

Hi All,
When uploading images, we want to be able to scrape the IPTC metadata that is stored on image files (keywords and by-line) and use it to automatically generate tags and metadata (as defined by Pimcore) on upload.

We generate this data in Lightroom when our photographer edits and renders photos – is there any way for Pimcore to integrate with Lightroom?

We want to generate tags and metadata so we can pull up images linked to that taxonomy via search. Searching for terms from the IPTC data on the photo in the screenshot will not make the asset appear in search. (see below).

Thanks for any insight on this. I tried to search the forum for similar issues and didn’t see anything.

you could create a custom event listener (listening for preAdd or postAdd, see here) and then add the corresponding tags based on the IPTC meta data of your image.


Thanks – I will take a look.