Inheritance inconsistencies with input quantity fields


I started to file a github bug, but I couldn’t reproduce on demo-basic, though it is inconsistent for me so might have had to do a lot of experimenting on demo-basic to have this issue show up.

Here is an object showing a number of fields.

The top two width/height are input quantity fields and the second set are just number fields. The number set shows the proper inheritance and the input quantity fields do not.


I had to create the number fields to get around this issue. I found another definition where I am using input quantity field and it does inherit, but it is within a block. Everywhere else I have used it inheritance appears to be ignored.

Input Quantity Fields can be inherited, correct?



What I discovered that is if I deleted the default unit in the objectbrick definition then inheritance works properly. I’m gonna try it on demo-basic and if it shows the same report a bug on github.

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thanks for investigating!