Installation questions


I am trying out Pimcore for the DAM module for my company. I have +30 years in software development, so I know some stuff.
I want to install Pimcore on my shared hosted server. I have no shell access. Standard setup is Apache, cpanel, php, mysql, composer, etc. A lot of other software installed too like SuiteCRM, Matomo, etc. They all use Composer.

I want to install the latest version of Pimcore that supports php 7.2). All my system reqs are fine.

Where do I get the latest package in the first place? Github is such a mess. Installation instructions are also everything except clear. I downloaded the pimcore-data package of 9 Jan 2019 (don’t ask me how I found this package). What’s next to do ?

To resume my questions:

  1. what’s with this virtual host for Apache? I want to run pimcore in a subdomain.
  2. do I need shell access to install Pimcore?
  3. is there no simple php install/update script to run?
  4. where are the official download packages ? I cannot find the official repository on the web or github.

Thanks for any help. This piece of software seems nice, but the entry step for beginners is not good guys!


Locally do this:

composer create-project pimcore/skeleton -> thats your starting point

run vendor/bin/pimcore-install and follow the instructions.

then, point the webservers document root to your project folder/web.

Copy your entire project_root onto your server. BUT: Not into the public_html dir! Copy it into the dir above that. Then, also copy the database onto the server. Then change the document_root directory in cpanel to the web dir. If thats not possible, you have to create a symlink and for that you need Shell Access. (And that is possible with cpanel).

Change some database settings in var/config/system.php and you’re setup.

BTW: You can do all on the server as well, but you need shell access for that.

Hi Dominik. Many thanks for answering.

What do you mean with “locally” ? I have no dev environment on Windows for now.

Also, how to run the “composer create-project” if I have no shell access ? And I have to install Pimcore before to run this Composer no? I am not familiar with Composer so I do not know how it works.

So I am already stuck in the beginning…haha


thats the main problem you have :wink:

Create all local and then copy it to the server.