Integration between Pimcore and Magento 2


Is there any Plugin through which i can Integrate Pimcore and Magento 2 so that we can transfer the products easily with only one import.


Apparently, there is no solution for that. Here’s the topic answered already here. Similarly, some guys tried to do integrate and import data on GitHub (but it was already removed from the archive and available via the web link in the corresponding section.



I have done something with an Magento Agency based in Austria. They developed a Mage Plugin (Magento 1). That plugin is configurable using XML and uses the Pimcore REST API. If you are interested, I can connect you with that agency?



Thanks for mentioning our solution :slight_smile:


@dpfaffenbauer thanks for mentioning.
Since the beginning we already updated our Plugin to work with Pimcore 5 und adjusted the daterlayer thus it is easy to connect to Magento 2.