Is it possible to export data (PDF) & connect the ERP Delta & Shopware?

Yesterday a customer asked me if there is a possibility to write his products centrally into a database.
And to export the data (PDF) to various assets (Brochure etc.)

If necessary connection to the ERP “Delta” -
If necessary connection to Shop’ (Shopware)?

I immediately thought of a Pim-System as a keyword.
Is that possible? What would be a price range? Or do you know other approaches?

this is the use-case where a pim is made for ! Only I am affraid that there has to be a “few” things to be implemented. We have integrations for SW5 and SW6 availiable. This is still basic code (including variants but no custom/configurator products yet). Anyway this might be possible to adopt this to your (aka your customers needs). For an integration to the ERP I can quote you.
Just drop me a private message to get in touch.


Carsten, maw GmbH

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An offer would be great. Can also be in German :slight_smile: How do you want to exchange data? Via PM on twitter? I can find a PM function here. Just let me know.