Is it possible to put a calculated in a "field container"

When I try this the field collection does not show any items, and the add button also disappears.

Hi @butlersupply
Yes, You can use calculated value field in Field collection.

It must be some kind of css problem. I can see the field data in the “inspect” mode of the browser. I should be able to find and fix the problem.

Thank you for verifying. It’s much appreciated.

I got rid of all the custom css files in the project but still the calculated field did not show. The problem seems to be in


If if comment out the position relative, and the top left as shown below, then it seems to clear up the problem. I’m not good with css. Why is this a problem on my install but not a problem for others? Is there a way to override these style classes without change the standard theme?

x-box-inner {
overflow: hidden;
/* position: relative; */
left: 0;
top: 0;

.x-box-target {
position: absolute;
width: 20000px;
/* top: 0; /
left: 0; */
height: 1px;


Ok, I created a fresh install of the version we are using, V5.7.3 and created this class:

General Settings
==============>Field Container

EDIT: I also just tried this with a fresh install of V6.6.10 with the same results.

The first calculated field is visible, but calcfield2 is not.

Hi @butlersupply,
It is working fine with the version you mentioned.

Thanks for the reply. Not a panel though. A panel works fine. It’s the “field container” that does not work. Images attached. Notice that test2 is missing in the admin (images attached).

Also, i notice that your icons are different than my demo install. Are you using a different theme? The problem is in the theme I believe.

class admin

@butlersupply Its a core issue.

Neha thank you!

It doesn’t look like this is being worked on. :frowning:

@butlersupply the issue has been resolved and the fix will be available in next version 6.6.11

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That is good news! Thank you! :+1: