Key value list for different data objetcs

I have some data object classes and need a key/value list, used wihtin different data object classes. Looks like that:

Class: blogroll
-> DataObject ‘example1’
----> Categories: Hiking, Mountainbiking, Trekking

Class: blogpost
-> DataObject ‘myFIrstBlogPost’
----> Categories: Mountainbiking, Running

KeyValueList: categories
-> Values: Hikinh, Mountainbiking, Trekking, Running, Trailrunning, …

I don’t know what to use for the KeyValueList. Is it another DataObject Class? Shall I use some other thing provided by Pimcore?

Thanks for helping a beginner with his noop questions :wink:

It’s done. Decided to create another DataObject.

I was hoping someone would answer this. I am really trying to avoid making another DataObject class.