Loading of csv file into pimcore

I am trying to load the data into the pimcore portal but it’s showing the error as validation failed.
below screenshot is for your reference

could you help me with this?

when ever i am adding a data component in class its showing the error like ffollowing field has an rror
below screenshot is for your reference

I am new to pimcore source system i am getting lot of errors

Can you please share me the process to laod the data(csv file).

@ramya343 name of the field is not correct in the screenshot attached.
Spaces are not allowed in name.Kindly use camel case notation or use underscore instead of space. so instead of 'Company Name ’ use ‘companyName’

Moreover you might have marked address1 and address2 as mandatory field in class definition and you are not importing data for these 2 fields, that’s why you are receiving this message during data import

now its working thank you neha but after importing the data,data is not visible.
i am able to see the attributes

can you share your column configuration and resolver settings that you have done for import.


You have not done any column mapping.
Kindly map the pimcore fields with the headers in your csv file.

for more information about import please refer https://pimcore.com/docs/6.x/User_Documentation/DataObjects/CSV_Import/index.html

its looking like this

resolver strategy is file name right for that which operator is used?

its right r wrong?
data has null values any changes are needed related to null data

for one orderid only data is loaded total data was not loaded

data is loaded sucessfully but data is not matching.
below screenshot is for your reference

could you help me with this

Is the data imported not matching with that in csv sheet? As the screenshot you shared means there was some data already in the system and after import the changes highlighted in red were done.

It would be difficult to say anything without knowing resolver settings.

below screenshot is for your refrence,

data in the csv sheet is not matching with the pimcore aftter loading the data

I have imported data a couple of times using this resolver settings but never faced such issue…
Which pimcore version are you using?
Are you sure there are no duplicate entries in the data sheet ?I mean duplicate customer no in sheet?

yes,i have duplicate customer no

i have duplicate customer no for both data is different