Localized Fields Mandatory Check

Is it possible to overwrite the mandatory option for a field for the different languages.

E.g. i have a localized field description. This field should be required for the default language but not for the other languages.

Best regards Sebastian

Only solution is to use EventListeners on object pre-update and check for your language.

The problem here, I think, is that you don’t make a whole version in Pimcore for a single language. It actually stores all languages simultaneously and resolves the values using locale. While it’s a good approach (less versions, better control of content), you get situations where a localized mandatory field fails if you don’t have a translation for it.

Using this system, how would one even check if a localized field is mandatory in one lang, but not in the other?

I think the solution should always be: make your non-localized fields mandatory, but the localized ones should be left not mandatory. And use an Event listener like @dpfaffenbauer suggested.