Log configuration issue


I’ve came across weird behavior when tried to configure logs. On production environment I want every ERROR or more critical stuff to come on my email. Here is my configuration in app/config/config.yml:

            type:         fingers_crossed
            action_level: error
            handler:      deduplicated
            type:    deduplication
            handler: swift
            type:         swift_mailer
            from_email:   '%monolog_swift_from_email%'
            to_email:     '%monolog_swift_to_email%'
            subject:      'Error! %%message%%'
            level:        error
            formatter:    monolog.formatter.html
            content_type: text/html

The problem is it flood the prod.log with tons of DEBUG messages. I am ok if it will log errors, but DEBUG or INFO - not.
Any help would be appreciated.

disable debug mode on production. When you enable DEBUG in Pimcore Settings, Pimcore automatically changes the symfony env to dev thus also logging alot of debug stuff.

BTW: I also recommend you to use Sentry for error reporting, much more convenient than getting that as mail

Thank you.
Debug is off, please check the attached screenshot.

hmmm… than I don’t have any idea… Maybe check the symfony docs for more