Magento 2 and Pimcore Integration

What is the best solution for the Magento 2.1.x and Pimcore İntegration ?
it is really needed feature
I think Pimcore must have native magento integration like the other PIM softwares

Please advise me



as you already know, there is no integrated solutions. But there are a lot of people doing this. In one of my projects, we use the Pimcore API to import data into Magento 1. So all the logic happens in Magento there.

There is also this:


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Thanks for mentioning our connector.
If you need any help here, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for mentioning our solution for Magento 1. Since we work with abstraction layers the plugin should work straight forward for Magento 2 too.

We have a solution for Pimcore Magento2 integration. You can check the details here:
Please let me know if you want more details.