Managed Hosting in Germany, any experiences or recommendations?


Hi there,

since the upgrade of 5.4.3 is making trouble on our managed Hosting provider, we are searching for a new hoster which offers managed Pimcore Hosting.

Has anyone here experience with that (Hosters hosting in Germany)?


I don’t know any hoster that supports pimcore, but pimcore GmbH itself announced to offer managed cloud hosting:


This is true and we would really appreciate that, but there is no ETA, it has moved deadline to later and there is no pricing model information until now.



I had the chance to create a special Pimcore hosting with the guys at Rackspeed – just because of those special DB settings needed by Pimcore.

They set up a new server with a special Pimcore environment – have a look at the screenie showing the fulfilled system requirements.

At the moment I have about ten Pimcore projects running at Rackspeed with really no problems.

Hope, this helps,


Thanks we will look though this.