Many-to-Many Object Relation looses data when updating to 5.8.0


I’m currently updating my Pimcore instance from 5.5.4 to the latest 5.x version.

While updating from Pimcore version 5.7.2 to 5.8.0 the Many-to-Many Object Relation fields did not display the data anymore. I can see the icons but not the columns id, reference and type, they just gone. The update ran fine including all migrations and there are no path formatter classes attached to it. It is just the plain field.

Any suggestions on this

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can you recheck the class definition and add the desired columns again?


Hello @fash

many thanks for your reply on this.

I’m a bit puzzled as we deal with a Many-To-Many Object Relation not a Advanced Many-To-Many Object Relation. While checking the class definition for fields of type Many-To-Many Object Relation which caused the described problem I fail to see where I could possibly add columns ‘ID’, ‘Reference’ and ‘Class’. As far as i know In a Many-To-Many Object Relation it is not possible to add these columns as column ‘ID’, ‘Reference’ and ‘Class’ are managed through Pimcore or did something changed while 5.8.x was introduced?

However, I still think this seems to be a configuration issue as I checked the ExtJs Frontend part of the grids resulted from fields of type Many-To-Many Object Relation.
From the ExtJs perspective when I pull up the grid object and digged my way to the columns setup I see that columns ‘ID’, “Reference” and ‘Class’ are all hidden: true.
This is how I did it:

columns = Ext.getCmp(‘grid-[id]’).columnManager.columns




When I now issue the show() command on each of the column objects like


all columns are getting restored with correct data and the grid looks fine. The three column were merely hidden.

So your answer do make sense to me as it looks like these columns are just disabled (hidden) in some configuration during the update to 5.8.0. How can I enable these columns on a Many-To-Many Object Relation field. For this type of fields I can only choose “Allowed Classes”.

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also in advanced many to many relation there is an option to specify the visible columns:

Can you just try to specify the columns there?..


Hi @fash

thanks for sticking to it.

I now see the where we deviated from each other. I was using Pimcore 5.5.4 until now. While you guys introduced the new (renamed) Many-To-Many and Advanced Many-To-Many Object Relation types (and others) replacing the old Objects and Objects with MetaData relation fields you introduced as well the possibility to choose columns to display in a gridview not just for the Advanced Many-To-Many Object Relation fields (former: Objects with MetaData) but as well for Many-To-Many Object Relation fields (former: Objects). Up to Pimcore 5.5.4 it was not possible to choose a column setup for Many-To-Many Object Relation fields (former: Objects) that’s why I got puzzled. As per your documentation I was certain that only the class rename took place while updating from 5.5.4 to version 5.8.0. So up to this point I was confident it is still not possible to choose a column setup for the Many-To-Many Object Relation fields.

Your screenshot helped sticking my nose right into it. My bad.

I’ve choosen the columns as you suggested and everything looks good now!

Many thanks again!

best regards

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