Medium based configuration of object



We are currently evaluating Pimcore and one thing we need is to have the ability to have different versions of a object per medium. A medium in that context is maybe a different magazine version. Say magazine version September 2018 looks different than July 2018. By “looks” different I mean one or more attribute of a object has a different value.

Lets say we have a product object which is a tire. The tire’s description is a normal text attribute and it says mostly the same text. In a different medium we want this tire to have a different description without editing the description attribute (because that would affect all other mediums).

Is that a thing in Pimcore or do we have to clone said object everytime we want to alter a attribute and then manually take care getting it to the same category or so?

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That sounds like the perfect use-case for variants to me, did you try that?


No I have not. I’ll keep that in mind tho, thanks!


I think you looks for Object-Bricks.

Create an object with all fields which are the same in all magazines. And then create an object-brick for “magazin-type-a” and another object-brick for type “magazin-type-b”.

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Or just create “magazine-type” and change values in variants