MembersBundle rendering own templates

Hello, I am using the MembersBundle:

I found how to use site-based mail templates:
But how do I use site-based twig templates for registration, check_email, check_admin etc?

so for all the different controller actions, because they all use return $this->renderTemplate(’@Members/Registration/check_email.html.twig’, [‘user’ => $user])
But I would love to render my own templates without having to c&p the whole action into my own controllers

Your talking about multiple things. Mail Templates can be defined like described in the documentation section you’ve already posted. If you want to change the response within controller logic you should use one of the plenty events shipped with members by default ( before overriding any controllers.

I think you misunderstood me!
I dont want to change any logic or events - I want to just use my own templates instead of the ones shipped by the Members Bundle -> just like how I could do with the mail templates.

Allright, that’s quite easy. Just copy the desired template in same hierarchy to app/Resources/MembersBundle/views and your good to go!

Read more about it here:

Thank you but this can only work if I used it for one Bundle, right?

I have several bundles (websites) with the each of them having their own Resources, e.g.

Is there a way to use them without having to overwrite the controller and the action?

Nope, the multiple bundle inheritance feature has been removed in symfony 4 - which is a good thing btw. To solve your issue you may want to use the liip theme bundle (