Migrating web site from host to host

I’ve migrated the site from one host to another, and encaountered a problem.

After migration no documents or assets have been found. Further more the documents were lost, and there were only documents from from fresh install, etc. advanced examples.

What should the proper migration process be?

proper migration process would be:

  1. transfer all files and modify configuration files if necessary
  2. create db dump, transfer it and import it on the target host
  3. clear all caches (Pimcore and Symfony)



I have done that, the same process of older pimcore versions.

But i have a problem that all documents are not shown or document tree is empty, same as objects and assets.

Is there any known isshue with migrations?

Hmm, not that I know of. Any error messages in logs or browser console?


No errors. Pimcore administristration works perfectly - if you add new documents. Documents and assets or objects are saved in DB but not shown.

That is really strange … could you try to debug?

had somebody migrated latest pimcore to new server? Could describe steps, if app worked?

  1. Copy all the files from Host1 to Host2
  2. Copy DB from Host1 to Host2
  3. Adapt db configuration in system.php from host1 to host2
  4. done

Tnx. That is what I did, after done: Document tre was empty, like I would install new instance of Pimcore. No saved info about assets or document tree were on migrated site. :frowning:

empty cache, if not possible in Pimcore, empty directly in the database:

truncate table cache;
truncate table cache_tags;