Multiple Ecommerce Sites



I’m currently investigating Pimcore for a major project, I like the look of it but I have one major question which I’m hoping you can help with.

What I need is a system which can operate multiple websites on multiple domains, with the data coming from one PIM. Is this possible?



Yes it is.

Is it planned to run the ecommerce within Pimcore? If so, take a look at CoreShop, it supports multi-stores out of the box with different currencies and countries.



That’s great, I thought there would be something available.

The idea is to have multiple eCommerce stores (which would be our clients) all feeding off our data as we currently provide data for about a million products. However we may also need to add products (which aren’t in Pimcore) to the sites as well.



How would you wanna add products that are not in Pimcore to a Pimcore Site?