Need Help with Install via CPanel


Note, I am not a developer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am interested in Pimcore. I’ve reviewed the install directions and it simply is a bit beyond me. I am trying to install the version with the ecomm components present. Cpanel does have an auto installer, but it’s basically the base install without the data. Is there perhaps a way to import the ecomm portion or any walk through out there as days of searching have been unfruitful?


i am having a similar issue, the file obtained from the site just gives the base install but without any ecommerce features. I’ve tried to include them along with extensions via composer (ssh) but it doesn’t show up on the backend. would like it if someone answered this topic.


there is no walk-through and installing pimcore without having knowledge of symfony or pimcore is quite a hassle :wink:

The first issue with cpanel you’ll get is that symfony/pimcore uses web as its public folder, cpanel uses public_html . What I did, just delete the public_html folder and create a symlink from web to public_html. I guess that is the first issue you’ve had?