Need Pimcore 6 Bundle Creation step by step guide

Hey Guys,
I need a step by step guide on creating Pimcore 6 bundles?
I have gone thorugh the below docs
They are really not helpful.
Could you just help me to create a bundle where I can enable/install in Admin panel?

@black007php just browse to your root directory of pimcore and type “bin/console pimcore:generate:bundle --env=dev” into the commandline. Maybe you have to do it using “sudo”. After creating the bundle make sure that your new Bundle is accessible by ‘www-data’. You can check with “ls -l” in commandline. If you have to change the folder ownership type “sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /yourBundleFolder”

Then you should be able to enable and install your Bundle.

I have created the bundle as per your instructions. The bundle is visible in Admin panel. But the problem is I am not able to proceed further.
I want to create a bundle on my own for example (I want default ADD/EDIT/DELETE/VIEW products/categories options automatically) where it can be installed/uninstalled.
Any help would be much appreciated.