New To Pimcore; Looking For Guidance

I’ve decided to use Pimcore to replace our current PIM software. I see that it is feature rich, but I’m hoping I can find some documentation, or ideas on how to successfully implement it.

My situation is this. I have roughly 70,000 SKUs that have all of the basic information necessary for e-commerce. I created a product class and added all of the data elements so that I could migrate from our old PIM to Pimcore.

Now I’m not sure what the next step is. I have 7 different e-commerce outlets I feed product information to. I’m trying to figure how how I can set up my products for each outlet. Each outlet has slightly different requirements than the other.

I’m sure Pimcore can handle this, but I’m struggling to find the documentation on how to set something like this in place.

Eventually I would like to incorporate workflows, but for the immediate future, I’d like to know how I can create specialized product lists for each e-commerce outlet.

PHP Development is not a problem.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I think it depends on how you’d like to feed the info to these 7 outlets. Do they have an API or do you need XML formats? Are the connections live or daily?

You can read about:

  • Creating XML formats with a controller and template
  • Or use the CLI PHP for generating files to FTP or call an external API

Thanks moceanni,
The feeds are a mix of API feeds and manual feeds. The connections are not live. Daily at best. I think “one time” would better describe the frequency we send content.
I will look into creating XML formats with a controller and template.


You may wish to consider syndicating your Product Data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via one of the provider of this service such as 1WorldSync ( This will require development of a certified connector but will gain your Company access to much more expansive set of downstream trading Partners that can easily subscribe to your Product data feeds using globally established set of Product Attributes based on GS1 standards.

This approach will mitigate the need to syndicate unique sets of data to individual trading partners while gaining you access to expansive markets via Amazon, Alibaba and other major marketplaces.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.