Newbie Guide (what are classes etc)?


Hi all,

I’m brand new to Pimcore, having been asked to trial it as a PIM/DAM/MDM alternative to our in-house solution.

I just need a little help deciphering the terminology in Pimcore. I am used to dealing with entities (products/vendors/customers/brands etc), with attribute sets, which contain attribute groups, which contain attributes. With those attributes being assigned to group->set->-entity combination with a value. This is similar to Magento, amongst others.

Could some kind person either point me to the relevant document or outline how these correlate with the Pimcore structure of things?

For instance is a Pimcore class the equivalent of an attribute set? Is a Pimcore field collection equal to an attribute group, or is that an objectbrick?

Thank you!


Hello and welcome to the Pimcore community =)

You can get started here:

Might also be interesting:

Pimcore data objects can be used to manage any type of structured digital data. Typically you create individual classes for individual types of data such as products, customers, suppliers. Also attributes can become individual classes if they should contain additional data (e.g. category should also contain category image). the data models in Pimcore are multi-dimensional. You can check out our advanced demo to see some examples of the individual data class object components and how they can be used!
also a developer training might be helpful!