No route found for "GET /admin/classificationstore/groups": Method Not Allowed

I’m running v6.6.6 of Pimcore and am unable to load Classification Store Groups from the admin GUI. I get the error:

No route found for "GET /admin/classificationstore/groups": Method Not Allowed (Allow: POST, PUT)

I see a route for “GET” in AdminBundle/Controller/Admin/DataObject/ClassificationstoreController.php here:

Group Collections and Key Definitions pull up just fine. It also does not seem to happen on, so I’m not sure if there was a PR already submitted that fixed the issue? I didn’t see one. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Ah, I see the “name” parameter of the routes are the same for both actions. Changing those fixes the issue. I’ll create a PR.

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Can confirm this issue on 6.6.6, thank you @CGRemakes very much for this!

Sounds like there was already a PR that solved this issue. It should be in the next release.