Objects API Listing with tag relationship

I have an api route for from frontend js components that I am utilizing and I want to have a few filters for my data object query. One of them is just text search, but the other I want to be able to filter by a tag. Is there a way in Pimcore to be able to add tags as a condition to the Listing? Below is what I have currently.

        $list = new Registration\Listing();



        if( $request->get('q') ) {
            $list->setCondition("title LIKE ?", ["%" . $request->get('q') . "%"]);

        if( $request->get('tag') ) {
            //Set a condition here based off the relationship with tag and something in with tags_assignment table?

please see https://pimcore.com/docs/6.x/Development_Documentation/Best_Practice/Using_Tags_for_Filtering.html#page_Filtering-Elements-based-on-Tags

Thanks, I ended up getting that to work. Had to change id to oo_id in my case for the id IN and then was able to get it to work.