"Only save new version" option in workflow


I have list of objects that are in production, and in PIM, they are published. I want to enable the PIM workflow so that only “save version” option is enabled, that will allow PIM operators only save new versions for any update done in Admin, and only when approved, a “save” will be done and at this moment, the latest version will be published. Can someone advise how this can be achieved?

I see at the moment, I can set modify = false and save = true in permissions when defining workflow, but save is taking the latest version and making it published. I don’t want the latest version (in Version’s tab) be published until later in the workflow.



I am trying to achieve the same. I was looking into code and in lib/Workflow/Manager.php it seems that it saves new version (without publishing) only if the whole object is unpublished.
It would also make sense to me if this can be somehow configured in the transition - whether the new version should be published or not.

Also with the “Save” permission and the button in the admin UI - I checked the JS code and Save button is actually saving + unpublishing the object. This was new to me (and I am not really clear on why is that). And “Only save new version” is only part of publish button and publish permission. That I think would be good if it is separated in permissions.