OptionsProvider not dynamic on getFieldDefinitions() Pimcore 5.8.4

Hi Pimcore Team,

I implemented OptionsProvider Service on Select fields on Pimcore 5.6.4. I get values from a class listing.

Value list was always dynamic in Pimcore Admin and also using this line of code.

$fieldDefinition = ClassDefinition::getByName($className)->getFieldDefinition($attribute);

Within Pimcore 5.8.4, it seems that it is no more dynamic this way (OptionsProviderService is no more called using getFieldDefinition($attribute) neither using getFieldDefinitions()).

It seems that FieldDefinition Options are only populated with latest options dynamically got from optionsprovider service during last class save.

But it’s ok calling the object in the Pimcore Admin Layout (Select field is populated). Admin Controler is doing something else…?

Is this a regression ? Do I make a mistake using Options Provider ?

thanks for your help

Just tested with Pimcore 6.0.0
Same behaviour