Override js file from admin

Hello guys,
How I can override the file /AdminBundle/Resources/public/js/pimcore/object/helpers/import/configDialog.js ?
Thx in advance

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Check http://prototypejs.org/learn/class-inheritance.html

You should be able to use

var newDialog = Class.create(pimcore.object.helpers.import.configDialog, {
 // your redefined methods

Disclaimer: Never tried that and beware you may break things.

Had the same requirement today, it’s quite easy.
In my case, I wanted to override:

  • vendor/pimcore/pimcore/bundles/AdminBundle/Resources/public/js/pimcore/element/selector/asset.js

So, I added a copy of that file to:

  • src/AppBundle/Resources/public/js/pimcore/element/selector/asset.js

Next, I added the getJsPaths() method to my src/AppBundle/AppBundle.php

    public function getJsPaths() {
        return [

Last, I cleared the cache et voila, it works.

Adding to this, I found out, that there are apparently two different types of js overrides, one for editmode and on for everything else:

    public function getJsPaths()
        return [

    public function getEditmodeJsPaths()
        return [

edit: typo