Overwrite Document/Page model for new Document tab in Backend UI


Hi guys,

I created a new document tab in the admin panel called ‘Major Versions’ and I want to add the function getMajorVersions() inside Pimcore\Model\Document\PageSnippet - how can I do that?

I tried overwriting the class but I can’t manage to do it properly - it does not work

added in config.yml: Pimcore\Model\Document\PageSnippet : AppBundle\Model\Document\PageSnippet, then:
namespace AppBundle\Model\Document;

class PageSnippet extends \Pimcore\Model\Document\PageSnippet
public function getMajorVersions() {}

but this does not work. any ideas anyone?



why doesn’t it work? Any error messages or are created documents not an instance of your implementation?
Did you clear all caches (symfony + data cache)?



I think he means to add it to all sub-types of PageSnippet (Document, Email, Newsletter) by changing the parent relation of PageSnippet, but thats not possible.