PDF viewer not working in pimcore/demo-basic-twig

I have installed the project pimcore/demo-basic-twig (v 2.2.1) using composer and run the ./vendor/bin/pimcore-install, everything installed without errors. I am able to see the Twig demo on my localhost, but when I open the admin Panel and open the Document en/basic-examples/pdf-viewer, I see that no pdf is set by default, so I drag and drop an example PDF from the Assets (documents/pimcore_t-mobile.pdf) into the document viewer. It does not open!
In the Frontend, I see a message “Asset is not a valid PDF”. I do not know, what am I missing here. Please let me know how to proceed.

I just saw on Github that it says, “END OF LIFE - DO NOT USE ANYMORE” at the top. Maybe it is not intended to work anymore! Correct me if I am wrong…

But, I would like to have a basic-twig demo and a basic e-commerce demo working with the latest version of pimcore, how do I go about it? Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Hello! please use new demo package https://github.com/pimcore/demo

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