Pimcore 5.4 - website settings


Between Pimcore 5.0.2 and Pimcore 5.4 there seems to a change in behaviour for website settings which I can not find out if its intentional or not.

We have a solution where we have website settings that are defined generally and that can be “overriden” for a specific site by creating a new setting with the same Name but with the Site property set.

This worked fine in Pimcore 5.0.2 but in Pimcore 5.4.4 the first setting in the list is the one that is used. So if the general setting is created first and then the more site specific is created the general setting will always be used.

When I read the code (function getWebsiteConfig in Config.php) that is the way it is also written, but is it a bug or not?