Pimcore 5 extensions?


I want to make an extension for Pimcore 5. The documentation is not very comprehensive, and leaves me with many questions.

I thought I would just look up another extension and use that as an example. In Pimcore itself there seems no way to install extensions. Searching on the internet I found a Github page but all the extensions there are from before Pimcore 5 was released.

Are there even any publicly available extensions for Pimcore 5?


Extension installation is done via composer. Packages are hosted on packagist, you can search there for available extensions: https://packagist.org/search/?type=pimcore-bundle


Thanks for the answer. I made some good progress with making my own extension. I have it running inside its own bundle and now want to deploy it to another Pimcore 5 installation.

I added the repository to the composer.json file and after running composer update the files are copied to the vendor folder. However, the extension does not show up in Pimcore’s extension manager. How do I make an extension appear in Pimcore 5’s extension manager?


Could you provide steps to create a sample extension? I need to create a plugin to communicate with other with ecommerce platforms like magento. I’m not sure where to start. Need some guidance.