Pimcore 5 - Frontend


Pimcore version 5.2.3

We have a Pimcore application that has 10 sites and right now everyone runs on the same layouts and views and has the same look(frontend).

Now we have decided to change the look of two of the sites so that they get different layouts and views.

I would ask for help on how to solve it in the best way so we do not have to duplicate the code !?

Should be grateful if I can get some ideas and practise recommendation.

Best Regards
M. Ali


You could propably use Properties to assign a variable that is somehow connected to your different stylesheets and adopt your code accordingly.

This is what I would come up with.
Maybe there are other/better solutions though.




I have once installed this plugin:

But it needs some work. But then you can assign a theme to any site, I think I even supported theme inheritance.
It is been a while since I did it, but I think it was pretty tricky to made the backend use the same theme settings.

Here is the thread I created back then:

Maybe that helps…

I would be interested in your solution as well, please keep this thread updated :wink: :wink:

Greets Axe


LiipThemeBundle works really good, thats why CoreShop depends on it. Very good way of making multi-themed symfony applications.


Thank you for all replies!
I will discuss it with the group and test it as well.
Returns with feedback later :slight_smile: