Pimcore 5: Is there anything changing group owner of home directory?


Asking is faster than having a deeper look into it in this case, so please allow me to ask this question:

Is there anything in Pimcore 5 / Symfony which is changing the group owner of the home directory – I’am not talking about the /web-folder, but the parent folder of the /web-folder.

I’am asking this question because the group owner of the described folder is changed again and again (feeled weekly) and we (the hoster, the customer and me) are not able to find the source of this problem.

Does somebody has a clue?

Thanks in advance,


Answer: no. There is no reason for symfony or pimcore to change any ownerships. Its gotta have something to do with backup-jobs, cron-jobs, deployment processes or anything similar.


Thanks for this really fast answer, man. :slight_smile: