Pimcore Academy - Properties - How many are true?

What statements concerning properties are correct?
1.Custom Properties need to be considered in custom code (business logic or template) to have any effect to the application.
2.Properties can be inherited via content master document.
3.Language is defined via system property for documents.
4.Properties can be used to influence navigation building.

Some are true. Don’t you think you should try figuring it out yourself? That certification is meant to help you learn not just to pass it as fast as possible. :slight_smile:

P.S. if you have a more concrete question to one of those answers I’m happy to discuss those with you :slight_smile:

ja but i think ,he said somthing about 1.2. and i tried but was three time false

What are you thoughts there? You should try it out. If you miss the exam, it just means you should practice more! :slight_smile:

Even if you have unlimited tries you should take your time and study! Try out what you can achieve and what not. A certification doesn’t make you any better, the knowhow does!

And 2. is certainly wrong, properties are inherited by tree hierachy and not by content inheritance. :wink:

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