Pimcore as headless cms in single page apps


anyone who could share experience or pointing towards good patterns using PImcore CMS in single page apps as a headless CMS? When feeding a single page app with content the standard CMS setup with Pimcore rendering complete pages is not exactly whats needed since content needs to be supplied in ajax controllers used by the app.



Hey @johanlindgren, that’s a quite interesting topic. We’re currently evaluating a reasonable way to implement a decoupled backend/frontend into our toolbox. This could be done with a different layout theme (already possible but needs to be extended). We would like to see a fully detached frontend to allow a independent implementation with ionic/angular/vue.js… however, there are some challenges, though :slight_smile:

  • Routing sovereignty by pimcore (document tree)
  • Still allow simple document editing in backend (since there are no real html views anymore)

I hope we’re able to provide some serious stuff later this year, i’ll keep you posted.

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I m interested too, I implemented an api layer in woocommerce and an indipendent vue nuxt front end, but now I knew pimcore and I d like to apply the same approach
I know that there is a porting of vue storefront but I d like to know if someone tried to implement something more lite

Hi guys, any new insights on this? I’m using datahub to use Pimcore as an API, but really miss the ‘document’ approach since now all has to be defined in object classes as objects. Well - that’s my approach at least to use Pimcore for my Vue SPA.

In order to keep using ‘documents’ in Pimcore I was thinking to create some templates in Twig. These documents can ten be made retrievable via the datahub. A static site generator can then build the SPA via the databub. Like an extra layer between Datahub and the front-end application. But sounds like a lot of work. This will have it’s limitations offcourse and the site needs to be regenerated after every change.

Any new thoughts on how to keep using Pimcore as an attractive CMS solution for SPA’s?

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