Pimcore Asset linking


I am a total new user of Pimcore and have installed a version on a hosted server to learn it.

I have created a class, imported a csv data file that works with my class and uploaded images to my assets but I am struggling to get my image field in my object data to link up with my images in my assets.

I can do this manually one by one, but I would like a dynamic way to be able to have my image object class pull in the correct image listed in the data.

This is one of my products added by importing the csv file. I would like the image field to be able to link to my asset (of subfolder in assets). Is there an easy way to do this? Can someone explain this in simple steps?
Currently the field in the csv file just lists the name of the image (100.jpg for example).
Do I need to create a path somewhere to point the image field to the asset folder? What do I need to do and where does it need to go??


You can check the link of an asset by opening into asset and clicking on ‘i’ button on the menu.
Then when you upload the objects, make sure to put this link into the csv file corresponding to your image column. Images will automatically put into place then.


Thanks Akansh. Just one more question - how do i make the link between the LINK in the csv column to the image field in my object? do I need to create an additional link option in my class to direct the LINK column in my csv to the image box?


Hello MattCatty,
Let us consider you have a image field ‘image1’ in your class.
And the asset you want to save in it is located in the hierarchy
Home -> Products -> SKU-XX -> mainImage.jpg

Then in the excel sheet that you will upload, create a column ‘YY’ which has a link:
Then import it. While imporing you don’t need to make any other link or something but you have to map that same ‘image1’ field to your column ‘YY’ and you’ll be good to go… Images will automatically get into place…